Accurate Pre Move survey helps you to close more deals

Accurate Pre Move survey helps you to close more deals

The moving people may have stress on a moving day, but the moving company will have stress on the entire moving process. Only a few of the moving companies overcome their stress factors and had a successful move. The reason is that they don’t know exactly what are their problems and the solution for it, especially in the survey process. The survey is the crucial one because it will decide whether the lead will be your customer or your competitor’s one. Most of the moving companies are facing the following problems in the survey process. Accurate pre move survey helps you to overcome these following problems…

  • Surveyor Assigning.
  • Capturing each article properly understanding its condition and moving requirements.
  • Customer requirements and priorities.
  • Effective Online survey management involving the customer.
  • Positioning in front of the customer and building trust.

How we can overcome these problems using the QuickMove platform.

Surveyor Assigning & Location of the surveyor:

 It is possible to identify the current location of the surveyor and existing scheduled survey locations at any point of time. We can efficiently assign the survey to the surveyor estimating the travel time and time required for completing an already allocated survey using accurate pre move survey. If the surveyor is unable to make the survey, then it is possible to reschedule from the moving software or surveyor can reschedule from the survey application itself.

Accurate Pre Move Survey

Capturing each article properly with their condition and requirement:

Accurate Pre Move survey provides a unique way of adding article considering volume, weight, density, transport mode, quantity, remark, packing type and handyman services. It is possible to capture the picture while doing the survey, later view all the picture from an album, an unwanted picture can be deleted, write on images to express the condition of goods or damage. Possible to select the non-moving item, insurance can be captured. Provide option to load and select an article from the standard list. The platform provides a systematic way of capturing every minute aspect of the articles considering their conditions.

Customer requirements and priorities:

 Accurate Pre Move survey having specific sections which help to capture customer requirement for example customer required additional ten book carton, etc. Similarly, Surveyor can confidentially communicate information about customer nature to an office which helps the operation team to handle the customer better during operation and reduce the GAP.

Effective Online survey management involving customer:

 QuickMove software platform has an option for sending an online link to customer mobile which helps the customer to visit each room and input the details including article picture into the system. So the back office staff can easily support the customer, quickly complete the estimation and submit the quote.

Positioning in front of the customer and building trust:

 The mobile platform provides various instant reports based on packing type, Room, a non-moving article based on customer choice. It captures the customer signature and other details. The mobile platform helps the surveyor to effectively communicate with the customer, capture their requirements and concerns, build their trust and position in front of the customer.
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