Freight Forwarding
Relocation Services
Storage & Warehousing
Moving (Domestic & International)
Unique Software Platform
Lead Capturing from Social Media
Run Online Promotional Campaigns
Automatically import lead to Software
API for Capturing leads from web
Promote, Brand  &  Generate More Leads
In-built Email and SMS Integration
QR Code and Bar Code Labelling
In-built Accounting System
CRM, ERP, Portals, Mobile Apps
Integrated Platform for Relocation
Measure and Forecast Business Growth
Take Accurate Decision by Analysing
Identify and measure your business
Reduce the business risk
Real Time Business Analytics
Metric Visibility
Reduce Cost, Turnaround time
Improves service quality and operational efficiency
Intelligent Business Automation
Sophisticated mobile platform for  managing operation, warehouse & transit storage management
Sales platform for Spot Survey, Costing & Quotation

Comprehensive mobile platform for managing all kind of onsite surveys


QuickMove Mobile App

What is QuickMove ?

Quickmove is a complete software for Moving (Domestic & International), Storage & Warehousing, Freight Forwarding and Relocation.  It will help you manage your entire business without paper. QuickMove can assist you to operate more efficiently and offer better service to your customers. We have built into the software,  features that would help you take better decisions.

Why QuickMove

All companies are looking at creating competitive advantages in the market. When it comes to efficiency and customer service QuickMove can support your pursuit of excellence. With its “right information at the right time to the right person” approach QuickMove can help you enhance the quality of your operations.


Relocation in a box

Complete relocation software in a box : move management , domestic move, storage, local move, office move, orientation, transportation, packing, data center migration

User Focused

The system is fully userfocused. Each user will see tasks, notifications, requests and alerts relevant to them – making work more efficient & independent

Fully Paper Less

Full-fledged workflow and integrated document management & communication system ensures that office goes paperless.

Multi Device

QM can be used seamlessly over multiple devices. It would support desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Latest Technology

Built on a platform incorporates the latest technology

Multi Country Operation

Facility to setup branches with different currency, document, format, costing etc..

Integration With Apps

QuickMove can expose multiple web services to facilitate easy integration with third party applications

Lead Management

Capability to track, monitor and measure leads from campaigns and other sources like Google ads, social media, etc.

Relationship Handling

Capability to set up, manage relationship and business with retail, corporates &  agents.

Process Tracking

Each Enquiry is tracked (task, call, mail, SMS, etc.) end-to-end (e.g. enquiry to closure of Job)

Account Tracking

Capability to track all activities like task, call, mail, SMS, etc. related to each account.

Account Revival

Ability to monitor dormant account and pass on to target list for team revival

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