How Movers Storage Software helps to Manage your Warehouse Details

How Movers Storage Software helps to Manage your Warehouse Details

In moving industry, all movers won’t offer the storage facility, because it needs product experience, products knowledge and regular tracking of the product. Apart from that movers need one strong tool which always maintains the accurate warehouse details, Transit shipping storage details and Invoice details. The thing is that what kind of tool helps the movers to make their goal real. The cloud-based movers storage software can help them to track their result because it is entirely online based. This moving and storage software supports both the transit & long-term storage and let’s see in details.

Survey and the Invoice generation:

During the survey, you can directly add the product with their images, quantity, and the weight will be calculated automatically. The mover’s automatic storage invoice software allows you to make the billing based on both fixed rate and per unit.

Warehouse Creation:

You can create Owned and Third party warehouse using the movers storage software. If you are having many branches at different places, then you can create the separate warehouse for each branch. For example, if you are having branches at Austin and New York, then you can create the separate warehouse for Austin and New York. You can able to maintain those warehouse details individually. You can create up to the maximum of 5 warehouses. We are also providing other services related to data management, you can also make use of those.

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All movers will concern about their overall database, we are providing specific services to overcome all your concerns. Click our services to know more about your data security.

Transit Storage: 

In transit storage, you can able to specify the Job type, Shipment mode, Handling agent’s details and a full detailed report about the goods.

Details of Goods Received and Returned:

You can segregate the received goods based on packing, Crate and Liftman for the storing in the warehouse. Also, you can choose the warehouse branch, Partition type, storage type and warehouse expenses with the detailed description.  In Goods returned, you can add the job expenses with detailed description and able to access all other goods details.
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