How to manage a relocation company easily

Private customer business is always a challenge for any relocation company. If we go around 150 years ago, people usually relocate as groups for food, shelter, water, etc. We have now cities of different size and villages. Even villages are connected with internet, electricity, road, etc. People start relocating from one place to another place for better jobs, better environment, etc. It is clear that customers are mainly looking for a comfortable partner for relocating to the new place and [...]

Pre Move Survey iPhone App is Releasing soon

QuickMove Technologies one of leading software company which making integrated software for relocation companies, is releasing Pre Move Survey iPhone App. Quick is developed thee android apps and one iPhone app for relocation company. QuickMove Survey App provides the features and facilities required by surveyors for their onsite activities. Surveyors could create surveys, prepare the list of items with volume & weight, show the packing requirements and the mode of transport. Information about items can be embellished using photographs that can [...]

IBM-Maersk Collaboration for using Blockchain in container movement

IBM one of the largest technology company on the planet and Maersk, the largest container ship operator on the planet, have completed an end-to-end digitised supply chain pilot using distributed ledger technology. The blockchain technology first used by Bitcoin, tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology. IBM-Maersk Collaboration is using Hyperledger Fabric, will begin scaling a network of shippers, freight forwarders, ocean carriers, ports and customs authorities later this year. There are total more than [...]