Key Success Factors of a Moving Company

Key Success Factors of a Moving Company

America’s moving and storage industry is one of the most complex and diverse collections of businesses in the country. Consists of 7,000 companies operating at 13,900 locations primarily providing moving and storage services for household and office goods. Employs 122,600 people with an annual payroll of $3.6 billion. Below are the some of the success factors of a Moving & Storage Company

Take good care of your customers

Customers first contact will be your front office staff, keep a trained and someone who is friendly is always pleasant and helpful towards other people.  When customer contact your company over phone, answer answer the phone with the company’s name. When customer request for a price estimate or pre-move survey, gather all information and provide a correct estimate instead of giving a quick estimate. It is good to send a surveyor to customer location for doing a pre-move survey.

Trained Supports Staffs and Packers

Good moving companies will have local offices and warehouses in good operational condition. Use trained staffs for pre move survey for evaluating the correct volume of household goods and trained packers for packing house hold goods.

Secured a warehouse and good condition moving van

If your moving company offering storage services, warehouse must be secured and good condition. Always use good trucks and brand name on it. Always use good packing materials for packing household goods, take extra care on fragile items

Associate with well known agents

When you are looking for agents in abroad or other locations in your country, associate with FIDI, IAM approved moving and storage companies.

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