Packing Material Suppliers in USA

Packing Material Suppliers in USA

Packing Material SuppliersTop Packing Material Suppliers in the USA

Are you worried about the packing materials for your packing? I hope your answer should be yes because you have to choose the best and cheap packing material suppliers for your move. My next question is where you can get this? Continue reading to get the answer

1) USA Packaging

USA Packaging is a family owned company, continuously providing the top quality packing material at rock bottom price. They want our customer to order with confidence and they will give them the 100% satisfaction. They offer more than 16,000 products from the trusted name including 3M, Velcro, Rubbermaid, Marsh and Sharpie.

When you ordered from USA Packaging, you will get 100% satisfaction. They always strive above all other packing material suppliers and look forward to building continuous relation with the customer. Just became one of the happiest customers of USA Packaging.

Products Offered:

  • Anti-static materials, Moving box, Corrugated mailers and Mailing bags.
  • Bin & Storage containers, Chipboard cartons and Mailing tubes.
  • Ploy Bags, Bubbles, Edge protectors and Foams.
  • Kraft Paper, Loose fills, Tape, Wraps and Tissue.

Contact Details: Phone: 1800-300-9008 Website:

2) Uline

A family-owned business and is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials throughout North America. They have 11 branches all over the North America and they can supply the packing materials within a day.

Their brand products combine the best quality with the best value. You can try their products for 30 days, if you are not satisfied you can return it.

Products Offered:

  • Anti-static materials, Moving boxes, Bubble wraps and Carts.
  • Foams, Peanuts, Roll cradles, Paper cushioning and Kraft papers.
  • Edge Protectors, Envelope, Mailers, Drums, Pails Aand Containers.
  • Shelving’s, Bins & Storages, Tapes and Tags.

Contact Details: Phone: 1800-295-5571, Email:, Website:

3) US Packaging and Wrapping

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is a full service, customer-driven packaging material suppliers company. The US packers are dedicated to providing superior products at an affordable price. They offer a large selection of industrial and food packaging products to cover, display, cushion, and fasten product loads during transportation and storage.

They also offer a variety of containers, papers, plastic films, and other items to secure and store food products. Their Mission is to offering the quality products and service at an affordable price to their customers.

Products Offered:

  • Poly tubing & bags, Anti-static materials, Moving boxes and Poly sheets.
  • Kraft paper, Pallet covers, Food and Vacuum packing bags.
  • Shrink wrap, Stretch film, Stretch wrap and Packing tapes.
  • Garments bag, Bag sealer and Trash bags.

Contact Details: Phone: 1800-441-509, Email:,

4) International Plastics

International Plastics has almost 50 years of experience in packing industry and they got “The Flexible Packaging Experts” award. They offer a wide array of packaging products, packaging equipment, and packaging supplies for a variety of applications. They have over 2,000 sizes of poly bags and over 6,000 packaging related products they are your one-stop source for flexible packaging.

International plastic is ISO 9001:2008 certification and able to provide the best packing materials and services. They are so confident in their products and services that they can make you 100% satisfied.

Products Offered:

  • Moving Boxes, Mailing envelopes & tubes, and Foam & Bubble sheets.
  • Plastic Bags, Packing tapes & labels, Anti-static bags a Poly tubings.
  • Reclosable zip bags, Stretch film, Drum liners and Trash bags.
  • Strapping products, Bag sealers and closures.

Contact Details: Phone:  800-820-4722 or 864-297-8000, Email:,


5) Packaging Suppliers of America:

Packaging Suppliers of America founded in 1978. They have one basic philosophy “We feel the cost of doing business…should not drive you out of business”.  They have branches throughout the country, they can offer the best products at affordable price.

Since they have 20 years of experience, their goal is to give 100% satisfaction to their customer. They are the leading and experienced packing material suppliers in the USA.

Products Offered:

  • Bubbles & Foam cushioning, Poly bags, Paper bags and Kraft Papers.
  • Anti-static products, Moving boxes, shrink films and Chipboard cartons & pads.
  • Mailing bags & Envelope, Edge protectors, Stretch wrap and Labels.
  • Retail packaging materials, 3M packaging tapes, Markers and Tag.

Contact Details: Phone:  1-800-444-1966, Email:, Website:

6) American Packaging and Supply Inc:

American Packaging and Supply Inc. is a packing material supplier that offers the customer with the best packing material the industry has to offer. They have more than 1500 materials, so your search ends by here. They take their job seriously and make sure that only the newest and best products are available to their customers.

APSI is HUB, MBE, DBE certified packaging supplier and won 2005 Regional Minority Supplier/Distributor of the Year. They are also specialized in wholesale packaging, moving, storing, shipping and wrapping supplies in Texas.

Product Offered:

  • Bin Box, Chipboard box, Folding box, Plastic and Shipping Boxes.
  • Bubble roll, corrugated roll, Foams and Styrofoam peanuts.
  • Poly tubing, polyethylene sheets, Shrink and Stretch films.
  • Rubber safety materials, All kinds of tape, Staples and Strapping products.
  • Kraft paper, Edge protector, Labels and All kind of storage containers.

Contact Details: Phone: (915)771-8052, Email:, Website:

7) Acorn Paper Product Company:

Acorn Paper was founded by Jack Bernstein in 1946 and now it has 250 employees with over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space. The Creative Services Department, Janitorial & Sanitary Division, Wine Packaging Division, and Agricultural Packaging Division focus on specific product segments are four specialty product divisions within the company.

They are having branches at 6 different locations and you can get your products within a day itself. Their products are 100% Eco-friendly products. They consistently review new packing materials concepts and their least pricing lists with their customers. So, you can get the best products at good price.

Products Offered:

  • Polyethylene Bags, Pouches, Bubble bags and Products.
  • Boxes, Shipping and Mailing containers.
  • Cushioning products, Loose fills and Foams.
  • Labels, Stretch and Shrink Film, Tapes and Tags.
  • Office & Safety supplies, Shipping room supply and Wrapping & flexible packing.

Contact Details: Phone: 800-522-2676, Website:

8) Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply

Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply are one of the leading packing material suppliers with over 30 years of experience. They are keen about their material should ensure the product safety and customer satisfaction. They offer boxes, tapes and various other packing materials in numerous sizes and dimensions. Their product quality is very good it seems like robot selection and they never failed to satisfy their customer.

Products Offered:

  • Anti-static bags, Polyethylene bags, Reclosable bags and Shipping bags.
  • Corrugated and Moving boxes of different size and shapes.
  • Filament tape, Paper tape, Industrial tape and Plastic strapping.
  • Cushioning products like Bubble & foams materials Shrink and Stretch wrap.

Contact Details: Phone: 800-639-6068, Email:, Website:

9) Mr. Box Online

Mr. Box online has almost 40 years of experience in packing material industry. Their aim is to meet their customer needs and provide them with the products that they ask for. They are a national wholesale distributor/manufacturer of tape, shipping room, packaging products and cardboard boxes.

They are the local professional packing material suppliers in Florida. Continuously they are satisfying their customers with their high-quality products and Sometimes they may give some offers for their products with the gift.

Products Offered:

  • Corrugated boxes, Styrofoam cooler boxes and White die cut mailer boxes.
  • Kraft paper, Bubble wrap and pouches, Shrink film and Air foam rolls.
  • Moving supplies, Edge protector, Picture frame corner, rope and labels.
  • Packing machinery, Safety products, Retails packing and All kinds of tapes.

Contact Details: Phone: 954-572-2500, Email:, Website:

10) Unipaq

Unipaq has more than 15 years of experience in Packing materials industry. They are the best packing material supplier in the USA, because they also help you to arrange the packing materials. They have highly qualified engineers to design the materials of different shape and sizes. Also they will design the material as per customer need with free charges.

They also offer warehouse for your packing material if the customer required. They never failed to satisfy their customer needs and requirement.

Product Offered:

  • Protective & Reusable foam packing and Foam cushion with tearaway.
  • Triple wall corrugated boxes, Edge protector & Corner boards and Wood packing.
  • Custom corrugated cartons, Air pillows, Bubbles & Foam rolls and Stretch films.
  • Chipboard boxes, Plastic & Steel strapping and Environmental friendly products.
  • Labels, Tapes, Packing list envelope and Polybags.

Contact Details: Phone: 773-252-3000, Email:, Website:

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