Tips to Convert Leads into Customers through Movers Software

Tips to Convert Leads into Customers through Movers Software

Even if you have technical equipment for fishing, you won’t get anything if the lake is empty. But even in the sea, you may get a good amount of fishes through fishing nets if the fishes are there. The scenario is you have to be in right place to get your customer. You can identify the place through the Movers Software.

Even though the Movers Software helps to Generate, manage and Convert Leads into Customer, surely we have something to do. What is that? Yes, it is the pre planned sales structure. Let’s see about the sales structure…

Contact the Leads immediately:

Don’t make your leads to wait for a long time, try to contact them within 24 hours. As per the 2016 marketing report, 90% of the conversions happened only if you contact the customer within 5 Minutes.  Try to contact them through the cold call, not by emails.

If you are sending them the email, use the CRM installed Movers Software. Try to send the email to the company email id, so that everyone can view it and you can also able to track it.

Segment the Leads:

You can segment the Leads based on two bases,

  1. Marketing Qualified Leads: Leads, who showed interest in your product.
  2. Sales Qualified Leads: Leads, who are in next stage of sales.

Anyway, both are potential leads, but you have to make the sales plan according to the leads. The Movers Software allows you to segment, track and has continuous contact with the leads.

Structure Your Sales Team:

Some organization may divide their sales team into two; One is to handle old customer and another for the new customer. It depends on you that how to structure your team, but the team has to do its work.  Make a good plan and separate the responsibility among you to have a good result.

If a Lead is generated, one person has to contact him, another wants to give the detailed demo and other wants to Manage Lead.

Make Your Lead Attractive:

Even if you contact the lead within 5 to 10 Minute, they are not in a stage to buy your product. But they showed some interest towards your product. Make this as an opportunity and regularly update them about the new feature of the Movers Software.

You should start your care before the sale is done. Surely they will reach when they are ready to buy the product.

Monitor Your Sales Flow graph Using Movers Software:

The Flow graph gives the complete overview of the sale. The Movers Software CRM helps you to monitor and identify the active part of your Sale. Everyone from the sales team can individually see his sales flow graph and the overall sales flow graph. From this, you may able to identify the area where your team has to concentrate.

The Sales people are working in the structured and organized way. CRM makes your work efficient by dividing your task as Making campaigns, ability to have all data in one place and to track them.

Make use of the above tips to convert your Lead into Customer.

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