Pre Move Survey iPhone App is Releasing soon

Pre Move Survey iPhone App is Releasing soon

QuickMove Technologies one of leading software company which making integrated software for relocation companies, is releasing Pre Move Survey iPhone App. Quick is developed thee android apps and one iPhone app for relocation company. QuickMove Survey App provides the features and facilities required by surveyors for their onsite activities. Surveyors could create surveys, prepare the list of items with volume & weight, show the packing requirements and the mode of transport.

Information about items can be embellished using photographs that can be marked / annotated.

There are also efficiency enhancing features of allowing users to initiate calls from within the app or using google maps to find the exact site location.

Download Pre-move survey app now

Below are some features of our iPhone App

Create and save surveys for various modes of transport and goods types, with photos & other details
• Create master list of commonly used items for easy reuse
• Configure & use standard questionnaires (General, Origin and Destination)
• Directly make phone call from app
• Use google map to find location
• Capture & annotate photos to show specifics like damage
• Capture non-standard customer requirements (like cleaning, need for extra cartons)
• Capture quantity, packing type, volume, weight, density etc against each item
• Obtain signature of customer
• Capture feedback of surveyor
• Synchronise data with QuickMove Enterprise Suite
• Save survey and attach it to mails
• Export data of surveys to excel (individually or collectively)
• Create and send quotations to customers (available in Suvey Plus only)

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