Better Software for International Relocation and moving in 2016

Better Software for International Relocation and moving in 2016

International Relocation and storage software

Today ‘s technology making it easier for many relocation companies to speed up the relocation process when moving goods to a new place.
There are web-based platforms and mobile apps that make the usage of services and information possible anytime from almost anywhere in the world via computers, tablets and smartphones.Companies use these international relocation and storage software to make global mobility solutions easy but yet successful.

In that process we QuickMove Technologies came up with best moving company software .

Pre move mobile survey app, Survey plus, Execution and Classic application , Enterprise suite , Portal, which help relocation companies to make job easy


Quick Move – an integrated software solution designed specifically for Moving, Storage, Move Management & Relo Services. It can provide a comprehensive technology backbone to a Re locations companies, improving  efficiency and customer experience. With CRM, ERP, Mobile and Portal solutions,

International relocation and storage software:

What is it? :

A app that can be loaded in smart phones or tablets to complete all tasks from Survey to Sending of quotations. Almost all of the Pre-execution process can be completed from the phone / tablet.

How does it help? :

The app makes the survey and preparation of quotation an efficient and consistent process. Surveyor would perform more quickly as they need minimal effort in picking up items from master list to complete the survey. International relocation and storage software can immediately be converted into a quote and can be mailed to the customer instantly . With the facility to obtain signature of the customer as well, the process can be completed smoothly.

What changes would be required for your existing systems? :

Nothing at all. Introduction of this application is a non-intrusive and painless process. Survey will be running on the mobile device and will not interfere with any of the systems running in the company. The survey data can, however, be extracted in an excel format which most systems should be able to take as an upload.

How would it make your customer happy? :

Customer would experience a quick & efficient survey leading to his getting the quotation instantaneously.

How does it make surveyor’s job easy? :

Surveyor has a whole set of master data available to pick from – Items, transport modes, goods types, room types, packing types and checklists. The app will guide the surveyor through the process and help them easily review the inputs and obtain customer’s signature. They can move to the quotation stage seamlessly and instantly mail the quote to the customer. The map feature will help surveyor reach the customer location and the direct call facility will help him call the customer from within the app. Photos can be attached to the item and can also be annotated to note down damages.

How secure is the data? :

The survey and customer data is stored on the device itself. So it is with the user . They can export or email the data, if it is required in the back office.

What business benefits would the app give?:

Consistency in process, seamless survey-to-quote movement, closure of deal in a single visit & higher employee satisfaction

How will it communicate with the core transaction system?:

Survey is fully integrated with the Quick Move Enterprise Suite. Allocation of survey and exchange of data can happen smoothly between the enterprise system and the app. Survey data can be extracted as an excel using the feature provided in the app, for integrating with any other core system.

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