Top Removal Company in Finland

Top Removal Company in Finland

top removal companies in Finland

Finland is one the rapidly growing advanced economy in the world. Below mentioned moving companies are well established in Finland and have strong reputations. All below mentioned companies are the member of International Association of Movers (IAM) and  FIDI.

Hankasuontie 11, 00390 Helsinki (HELSINKI), Finland
Phone: +35820554554,
Niemi Services Oy
Standards & Certifications: ISO 9000, FAIM Plus, IAM, FEDEMAC
Tel: +358 20554554, Email:

Malmin Kauppatie 8, 00700 Helsinki (HELSINKI), Finland
Phone: +358912511,
Standards & Certifications: ISO 9000, FAIM Plus, IAM

Pegasus Moving
Standards & Certifications: IAM, Eurovan
Sinikellonpolku 3, Helsinki-Vantaa, 01300, Finland
Tel: +358 103204240, Email:

Travelcargo International Removals
Standards & Certifications: ISO 9000, IAM, EURO, WCA, IPATA
Koivulehdontie 2, Vantaa, Helsinki, FI- 01510, Finland
Tel: +358 207856660, Email:

Alfa Quality Moving
Standards & Certifications: ISO 14000, IAM
Henry Fordin Katu 5 C, Helsinki, FIN 00150, Finland
Tel: +358 207931100, Email:

Affiliations & Memberships : IAM, LACMA
Nuolikuja 8, Vantaa, FI-01740, Finland
Phone: +358 207857500,

Eurolink SA De CV
Certifications: IAM
Lago Malar #21, Col. Cuauhtemoc Pensil, Mexico City, DF11490, Mexico 
Tel: +52 5552807815, Email:

Master Mover
Certification: IAM
Kankiraudantie 1, Helsinki, 700, Finland
Tel: +358 977787225, Email:

Muuttopalvelu Grundell 
Certification: IAM
Riihikuja 4, Vantaa, 1720, Finland
Tel: +358 104804200, Email:
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