Top Moving Company Insurance in USA

Top Moving Company Insurance in USA

Moving process involves many challenges, and one of the concern is to transport your customer belongings safely. You can pack them as carefully as possible, but then while transporting the control is out of your hands. Moving company insurance provides protection against damage of your customer belongings. Insurance is like the trust flow between the moving company and its customer. The thing is that you should find out the best moving insurance provider and my question is where you will find the insurance, provider? Check here the list of top moving insurance company in the USA

Moving Insurance:

Moving insurance was established in June 2003 in Upper Montclair. They are an innovative provider of online moving insurance with 100 years of experience. They offer insurance for household moves and commercial relocations to ensure that their clients get the coverage they need. Their mission is to provide the most convenient, informative, and innovative relocation resource for individuals and families worldwide. So that their visitors can purchase moving insurance based on knowledge and understanding of all available options. They were the first company to offer online moving insurance, and we’re the most long-standing provider in the industry. They offer coverage for in-state (intrastate), out of state (interstate) and international moves by land air and water.

Services Offering:

  • Intrastate, Interstate, and International Relocations.
  • Moving of Household Goods and Storage in Transit.
  • Transit of Mobile Storage, Pairs, and Sets.
  • Moving of Office and Industrial Goods.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Derangement.

Contact Details: Phone: 888-893-8835, Website:


UNIRISC has been the trusted partner to the leading moving companies for more than 35 years. They have provided unique International and Domestic Insurance and claims services to hundreds of multinational employers, businesses, and individuals before, during and after their move. Their mission is to guide those who are facing the challenge and adventure of relocation. They also give them access to products and services that will assist them in protecting their assets and well-being throughout this delicate process. They are offering a consistency best moving insurance services to relocation insurance and risk management solutions more than 35 years.

Services Offering:

  • Domestic household moving insurance.
  • International household moving insurance.
  • Expatriate renter and living insurance.
  • Supplemental movers insurance.

Contact Details: Phone: (703) 797-3300, Email:, Website:

Relocation Insurance:

Relocation Insurance is one of the top moving company insurance provider in the USA and it is the one-stop portal for all moving, storage and logistics insurance. They guarantee us the ability to purchase insurance to protect your customer’s goods for any type of transportation. They offer insurance with solid coverage and an easy purchasing option for all full-service movers, mobile storage company, renting a truck and for warehousing.  You can also ensure that your moving and storage customers are covered by offering them full value protection insurance, the third party moving insurance, self-storage insurance, and other smart solutions.

Services Offering:

  • Small moving and storage insurance.
  • Mobile storage insurance.
  • Truck rental insurance.
  • Full value protection insurance.
  • Logistics and Cargo insurance.

Contact Details: Phone: 888-893-8835, Website:

Baker International:

Since 1981 Baker International has provided comprehensive household goods insurance and private individuals moving insurance within the U.S. or overseas. For over 25 years, they are providing high-quality claim service and “All Risk” replacement cost moving insurance policies to protect household goods during local, intrastate, interstate, or international relocations. Baker International Insurance Agency is able to recognize patterns of loss and damage and thereby offer recommendations to the transporting company on how to prevent future loss or damage. If your household goods go into storage, policies include, at no additional cost to you, coverage for up to 90 days.

Services Offering:

  • Interstate and Intrastate residential move insurance.
  • Commercial move insurance.
  • Office move insurance.

Contact Details: Phone: (800) 356-0093, Email:, website:

123 Moving Insurance:

123 Moving Insurance is there for almost three decades and is known to be leading provider of moving insurance.  They are the only company to provide direct moving insurance that saves you the markups of the middleman. They are Friendlier, Cheaper, and Faster with over 30 Years’ experience and having more than 2500 happy dedicated moving customer and also provide insurance for both oceans moving insurance for goods transported by ocean and truck insurance for domestic transport.

Services Offering:

  • Interstate domestic move insurance.
  • Intrastate domestic move insurance.

Contact Details: Phone: (866) 755-6937, Website:

Lakeland Insurance:

Lakeland insurance is one of the best moving company insurance coverage providers in the USA. Their insurance process is very simple and is entirely through online. They will provide the coverage cost between 1-2% of your belongings and also provide the insurance for warehousing for the minimum period of 90 days.  They can also offer you a premium plan if you want the storage more than 90 days. If you want to claim the loss for your damage means, you should approach them within the 45 days of your move.

Services Offering:

  • Domestic move insurance.
  • Warehouse insurance.

Contact Details: Phone: 800-682-1732, Email:, Website:

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